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Providing in-person Therapy For Burnout in VANCOUVER and virtually across all of BC

Break the cycle of doing it all.

Build the personal & professional boundaries you need to live the life you want. – it's time to start moving forward.

Manage social anxiety, generalised anxiety & imposter syndrome.Start living with more ease today!

Establish personal and professional boundaries
Develop strategies to manage tasks
Learn how and when to say no

“I feel exhausted.”

Do your duties and responsibilities lead you to lose sight of what you value and long for? Do you find yourself going through the day checking off boxes, but not feeling engaged or present? You may be suffering from burnout.
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If you Find Yourself:

  • Feeling depleted and resentful, but continuing to “power through”
  • Feeling like your best is never good enough
  • Working all the time, struggling to relax and be present
  • Continuously feeling exhausted, irritable or easily frustrated
  • Struggling to concentrate and stay focused
  • Feeling tired but "wired"


About Our Therapy Program

Therapy For Burnout

We help you break the cycle of doing it all. Open Space Counselling provides in-person therapy for burnout in Vancouver and virtually across all of BC. Learn to build the personal & professional boundaries you need to live the life you want.

How It Works:

A thorough exploration of your mindset and how you view your current reality.

An unflinching examination of your internal landscape (internal conflicts, mixed feelings, and self-protective strategies), after which you will look at your situation very differently.

A shift on your perspective of your current problems.

Tried and tested tools that can help you find relief.

When you commit to working with us, you will learn to engage differently with your current people and circumstances and find the YOU that has been buried underneath all these responsibilities.

This program is pay per session, and can be paused at any time. To give yourself the best chance of noticing change, we recommend a minimum of 10 sessions.
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Who We Are – Open Space Counselling

What makes us different?

We want to help you create a life with more meaning & connection.

Our own experiences with pain and healing help us to understand and connect with your struggles, and our training allows us to give you the practical tools you need to move forward. As therapists, we are candid, curious and deeply caring people who want to help our clients get to the root of their struggles and alleviate their emotional suffering.

We believe in you.

We believe that beneath the struggles, conflicts, and anxieties that have brought you to counselling, you have so much more living to do. We see therapy as a way to tap into a more connected, genuine and confident version of yourself.
We help you see yourself.
We take the time to understand your inner world so you can identify and explore your untapped emotions and needs. We help you clarify what success looks like for you and how we can help you get there.
We help you get results.
We use all the tools in our tool-box to help you understand your challenges, examine solutions and take the steps needed to create lasting and sustainable change in your life and relationships. .

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Therapists Specializing In Therapy For Burnout

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How Our Counselling Works

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We help you clarify the internal conflict that is getting in the way of what you want, so we can help alleviate your suffering in a way that lasts.

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We help you better understand yourself and your needs. We help you recognize the patterns that are keeping you stuck, and provide you with the tools you need to move forward.

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We provide tangible skills and tailor our interventions to your specific needs and work with you to create lasting change.

Open Space Counselling

Frequently Asked Questions

Exhaustion and a loss of enthusiasm and motivation for work, parenting, or other pursuits that you engage in are signs that you may have burnout. This can also be accompanied by reduced work performance, worry, sleep problems, and irritability.

Common causes of burnout include lack of adequate social support; taking on more than one can handle at work, school, or interpersonally with family and friends; and poor self-care and boundaries.

Therapy for burnout will first and foremost help you stabilize your burnout symptoms so that you don’t continue to spiral further. This might include focusing on insomnia, teaching you how to take your body out of fight or flight mode so that you feel stronger and calmer. From a more grounded place, we can help you evaluate your options, establish boundaries, and explore your own patterns.
The most obvious causes of burnout are external: the horrible boss, the demanding child, etc. And we totally get that these things are not going to go away. So, we focus on helping you address the self-doubt, anxiety and sense of helplessness that is standing in your way of being the strongest version of yourself. We find that when operating from a more confident and clear headed place, we can shore up the grit and skills needed to cope effectively with life’s challenges. We also examine the workplace or family dynamics leading to your burnout, and help you to respond to these more effectively, and in a way that is realistic.
Burnout is usually a response to life circumstances that lead you to run out of bandwidth. Burnout can usually be resolved by taking time away from the stressful event, or seeking out therapy for support and more robust coping strategies. On the other hand, depression is a mental health condition that can flare up regardless of your circumstances.

Open Space Counselling

What you can expect from
therapy for burnout

We want to help you recover and become the healthiest version of yourself!
  • After one session you will leave with a clearer understanding of your suffering, and what the path forward could look like.
  • After four sessions, you will be regularly catching yourself in the act of self-sabotage, and understand how to correct course.
  • By twelve sessions you will have the foundation that you need to understand yourself, respond differently, and make meaningful choices.

Feel more balance and connected with therapy for burnout.

Open Space Counselling

How To Get Started

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A good connection with a counsellor is the biggest predictor of therapy success. Match with the right counsellor for you.

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Note: Due to capacity issues, not all of our counsellors are able to offer free consultations.

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Build the habits that keep you balanced –

Open Space Counselling

Discover the calm you crave.

Build the habits that keep you balanced –

Open Space Counselling

Discover the calm you crave.