Grief and Loss Counselling

Grief is heartbreaking, and can be overwhelming. The emotions following a significant loss can range from sadness, guilt, anger and fear – and sometimes all of these at once. At the same time, it is not uncommon to also experience numbness and detachment in the aftermath of loss. Overall, people who have experienced a major loss often describe feeling destabilized, unable to concentrate, and unmoored. Loss can change how we see ourselves and the world around us, which leaves us uncertain as to how to move forward.

Counselling in the wake of loss takes different forms depending on what your grief response is. Some people need an accepting and compassionate experience to experience the magnitude of their feelings. Others need to talk through and parse out the events leading up to the loss. Ultimately, everyone who experiences a loss will need to integrate that loss – and all the feelings tied up in that – into their lives and make sense of how to build a life worth living moving forward. This is no small task. We bring a stable and deeply caring presence to the difficult work of processing grief. 

Sometimes, grief can become complicated and we become stuck in the healing process. This can be due to the relationship with the person you have lost, or your own struggles as a human that occur alongside this loss. Feelings of guilt, shame, regret and even anger can cause us to excessively ruminate and can turn into despair or hopelessness. We want to help you work through the complexities of your grief so that you can feel sadness without depression and grief without hopelessness.  

Several of the counsellors at Open Space Counselling are experienced in grief counselling and can meet you where you are at in your grieving process, wherever that might be.

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