You’re feeling low in energy, irritable, and can’t seem to motivate yourself to do things that seem like they ought to be easy. The things that used to give you pleasure no longer strike a chord the way they used to. You feel disconnected from your loved ones, and disconnected from yourself. You feel guilty, but at the same time can’t be bothered. You constantly feel like you’re not good enough and that you’re bound to let others down. Shame and self-doubt are frequently providing evidence for your failings.

Does this sound like you? If so, we would urge you to get assessed for depression, either by your family doctor or by a trained therapist (clinical counsellor, social worker or psychologist). While many people consider medication to be the primary treatment for depression, a multitude of clinical research demonstrates that psychological interventions, either combined with medication or on their own,  can lead to vast improvements in mood, energy level and your connection to life. 

Depression is scary. It robs you of your vitality, of your ability to laugh, and makes it difficult to connect with others. When it is mild or moderate, depression feels like a fog you can’t shake, a constant obstacle that seems to take too much energy to get around. When it is severe, depression feels like a bottomless pit and a life sentence.

The power of an authentic human encounter cannot be overstated when it comes to treating depression. At Open Space Counselling, we provide a compassionate therapeutic presence. We utilize a range of evidence-based interventions, from cognitive therapy to emotion focused therapy to help you reconnect with your strengths and genuinely believe into your self-worth again. We can design treatment plans that are tailored specifically to you, but that have been proven to be effective in others struggling in a similar way. When indicated, and with your permission, we can collaborate with your physician to ensure that you are receiving timely intervention when medication seems necessary.

Please don’t wait to get help if you think you may be struggling with depression. Contact us to arrange a free telephone consultation to see if we might be able to help you.

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