Our Services

Individual Counselling

Perhaps you have never seen a counsellor before – or you have but it didn’t click the way you wanted it to. Perhaps you’ve been in therapy in the past, and are looking to start again with someone new. Individual counselling can help you explore the areas in your life in which you feel stuck. Some of the most prevalent issues our team is accustomed to working through include:

At the first session, your therapist will endeavour to thoroughly understand how you are suffering or struggling. From there we will clarify how therapy can help you, and what the reasonable expectations of counselling might be. From that point onwards, we will stay focused (but flexible) in our work together. 

In person counselling adheres to strict Covid-safety guidelines, including physical distancing of 2+ metres, open windows, and HEPA air filter. All counsellors offering in-person sessions have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

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Virtual Counselling

Prior to March 2020 (a.k.a “The Before Times”), we only saw clients virtually in a pinch. When the pandemic hit and we all found ourselves in an online world, we wondered if we would be able to capture the depth and connection we experience in office to the 2D screen.

We quickly realised that therapy on the screen is not second tier: it’s the real deal. It’s effective. It’s genuine. And, it appears that it is here to stay.

While some clients will gladly return to the office space, we hear again and again that virtual counselling has been a welcome experience for many. Whether you are a busy professional trying to squeeze therapy into a crammed schedule, a parent trying to work around your baby’s nap times, or a couple zooming in from your respective workplaces, we can now bring therapy to you, wherever you are (and trust us when we say: we’ve seen it all). 

For our video sessions, we use a secure video platform with end-to-end encryption that is compliant with Canadian privacy laws. You don’t need to download any special software, you just need good WiFi (and a door that closes). 

Couples Counselling

We treat couples who are experiencing a range of relational struggles. It’s our experience that couples often put off seeking help, instead waiting it out to see if things improve, or rationalising that these struggles “happen to everyone.” 

While it is normal for even healthy relationships to experience conflict and frustrations, we believe that people deserve relationships that feel secure, respectful and connected (and fun!).

 If you feel stuck in a negative pattern or a defensive dynamic with your partner, it can be difficult to reset without intervention. Some of the issues we address in couples therapy include:

  • persistent communication difficulties
  • a negative cycle of one partner nagging/criticising and the other shutting down and withdrawing
  • cultivating improved emotional connection
  • sexual difficulties such as discrepancies in desire and adapting to physical changes (such as aging, pregnancy, postpartum)
  • navigating challenging life events together
  • parenting

We use evidence-based couples therapy methods such as Emotionally-Focused Therapy and Gottman Method to assess your relationship, reveal its strengths, and identify how you get stuck.  

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Clinical Supervision

We provide clinical supervision and case consultation to therapists who are looking to improve client outcomes and deepen their practice.

As therapists, we are continuously integrating theory with intuition; science with self. If we put theoretical models first, we risk coming across as too technical. If we just rely on connection and support, we might not be able to adequately help clients overcome the struggles from which they are seeking (and paying for) relief.

As a therapist, it is essential to have a skilled mentor to help us dig into and shape our work with clients. First and foremost, clinical supervision helps you to understand your clients better, so that you can target interventions in a more nuanced and meaningful way. But equally as important, a good clinical supervisor will help you move beyond your own internal blocks so that you are meeting clients from a clear, connected and fully engaged self.

Whether you are a newly graduated counsellor or a mid-career therapist looking to invigorate your clinical work, we can help you:

  • conceptualize your clients and their presenting problems in a more meaningful way
  • select interventions that will bring therapy sessions alive
  • identify blocks to progress in sessions
  • tap into your strengths as a therapist and use them to your advantage
  • explore client and therapist issues that get in the way of a therapeutic alliance

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