Kristina Barr, MA, RCC, CCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor


Kristina is not taking new clients currently.

Availability: Mondays (daytime)

Types of sessions offered: Individual, in-person

Rates: $150.00 + GST

Specializations and Interests:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Grief/loss
  • Overcoming blocks to reach full potential
  • Actors

Approaches in therapy:

  • Psychodynamically informed practice including ISTDP (Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy)

Get to Know Kristina

What drives me to do this work?

What excites me most about engaging in therapy is the realness of the conversations I have with people. In our everyday lives, we do so much suppressing and performing. It is not unusual for clients to arrive at their first counselling session with some vagueness about what they even want out of therapy, let alone life! It is an honour to sit with my clients and help them clarify how they feel and what they want out of their current life circumstances. I hope that I can also help you emerge feeling clearer, more connected, and on the path to meaningful change.

What can clients expect when working with me?

 My clients tell me that they value my ability to identify – and work through –  the unique emotional and relational patterns that keep them stuck. I frequently work with people who find it hard to open up to others, and who might even have some ambivalence about seeking counselling! My warm demeanour helps create connection and security,  so that we can together engage in the sometimes challenging work of meaningful personal growth. My style is highly engaged and productive – I want to help you get what you need out of counselling, and to attain change that lasts.

My counselling career path:

I received an MA in Counselling Psychology in 1998, and have since then engaged in extensive post-graduate education and training in ISTDP and AEDP, which are both experiential and emotion-focused therapies. I have also worked as a psychotherapist with Vancouver Coastal Health since 2010, and have a wide range of clinical experience treating anxiety, depression, and disordered eating.

In addition to my work as a counsellor, I have trained as an actor and have acted for film and television. This background has been invaluable in helping me appreciate how performance, competition and criticism impact our sense of self-worth and confidence. I also appreciate the value of a little drama and playfulness, even in therapy sessions!

Who am I?

Outside the therapy office you can find me on long walks by the ocean, even in the rain. I love to laugh, especially in the company of good friends and loved ones. I am both restless and grounded – I am by nature contemplative and sensitive, but I can’t sit still for too long! I am looking forward to my next adventure in nature (where swimming is a must!), and (fingers crossed) an evening at the theatre.