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Low Cost Counselling

Low cost therapy options for individuals with limited benefits or income – get the help you need!

Manage social anxiety, generalised anxiety & imposter syndrome.Start living with more ease today!

Therapy you can afford
Times that work for you
Compassionate & quality care
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Therapy is a valuable investment, but is it still possible on a budget?

“Absolutely. Everyone has the right to healing and personal growth. We wholeheartedly believe in the value of therapy, and aim to provide accessible and affordable options . We are committed to ensuring that all therapeutic care offered at our clinic is meaningful, high quality, and attainable.”

We are proud to offer low-cost counselling at our clinic, as it is an excellent way for people to receive quality care without the premium price.

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How is low cost counselling different?

Here’s how it works:

Our clinic is home to some of the brightest trainees in the field. But, not just any trainee gets a spot on our team. In fact, we’re very selective, with less than 4% of applicants making the cut. When you book with a low cost counselling session, we match you with the trainee who we feel will best match your personality and needs. Of course, if at any time you feel like it’s not a good fit, we are happy to refer you to another trainee on our team.
What makes them special?
Beyond their academic accomplishments, our trainees are chosen for their maturity, personality, and wisdom. Many of them come with rich life experiences and have pursued specialized training in different therapeutic techniques.
And, they don’t stop learning once they join us! We have a dynamic in-house training program, ensuring that each trainee is actively developing their skills and knowledge base. Our trainees receive hours of individual consultation, training and support so that they are able to be responsive to the complexities that present in counselling. This rigorous approach means that they’re not only well-versed in theory, but are also equipped to handle the nuanced scenarios that arise in counselling sessions.

With our low-cost therapy option, you're in caring, competent hands.

Low cost counselling is for you if you want:

A therapist you can connect with

To commit to regular therapy without the stress of going into debt or making other financial sacrifices

To feel valued and attended to

Regular and quality help

A therapist who has life experience and gets you

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Counselling – whether traditional or low-cost – is beneficial because:

  • It is a safe environment to talk about anything that's on your mind
  • Helping you become more in control of your feelings
  • Helping you cope better with the stresses of everyday life
  • Counselling is available for a wise range of issues
  • You often put everyone else's needs above your own, but taking care of your own mental health is important

Open Space Counselling

Therapists Offering Low Cost Counselling

Open Space Counselling

Frequently Asked Questions

Our rates start at $75 per 50 minute session. Lower sliding scale rates are available.
Unfortunately, low cost counselling sessions cannot be claimed on extended health benefits, as the benefits providers require a licensed professional to provide the services in order to be reimbursed.
Absolutely! This is a great way to continue working on yourself without the financial strain. If you decide to switch to seeing a student once your benefits run out, you can expect that your regular therapist will offer a full debriefing to the intern in order to help bridge to the new practitioner.
That’s a great question, and certainly one that many people wonder about prior to booking in with a student. All of our students receive ongoing, extensive supervision and consultation from our seasoned supervision team while practising at our clinic. We are also very particular about who we accept for a practicum, and tend to favour students who are mature, grounded, and have an abundance of relevant life experience and professional experience.
An intern has completed their Masters degree and is in the process of accumulating the necessary clinical hours needed for registration with a professional association/regulatory body. A practicum student has completed all of the academic requirements for their Masters degree, and is solely focused on gaining direct counselling experience. Both receive extensive training, supervision and consultation while at our clinic.
At our clinic, we have the same policy for students as we do for our regular clinical team. If you start seeing any of our counsellors, student or otherwise, and it is not a good fit, you can contact us to let us know, and we will recommend other possibilities on our team or elsewhere.

Open Space Counselling

What you can expect from This Approach

Greater Confidence

Clear Boundaries

Increased Connection With Others

Tools To Counter Overwhelm

Clarity In Your Goals

Ability To Trust Yourself

Compassionate support that works with your budget.

Open Space Counselling

How To Get Started

Match With A Counsellor

A good connection with a counsellor is the biggest predictor of therapy success. Match with the right counsellor for you. Be sure to check out our team members who offer low cost counselling!

Book A Free Consultation

If you'd like to connect with a therapist to see if they are a good fit, schedule a free consultation. You can submit a request via our contact form or book directly with a counsellor below.

Book An Appointment

If you know who you would like to work with, go ahead and book a session with them using our online booking platform.

Don't let the cost of counselling keep you from getting the support you need

Don't let the cost of counselling keep you from getting the support you need

Open Space Counselling

Start living with greater confidence.