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 Have you been mulling over starting a private practice, but feel overwhelmed by the (enormous) amount of work in getting it started?

Perhaps (like many counsellors) you love the clinical work of therapy, but are less motivated to do the marketing, networking, and endless administrative work necessary in a solo practice.

Do you want to grow as a therapist by discussing your clinical work with a team of inspiring, open hearted and dynamic people who love the heart and craft of therapy as much as you do?

Are you a naturally warm, candid person and a clear communicator who connects easily with clients?  Do you experience confidence in your ability to respond effectively to challenging clinical moments – and also know when to seek supervision? 

Enough with the questions already. If you’re still reading (and nodding), we might be a good fit for you!

Open Space Counselling is a highly respected counselling practice in Vancouver, BC. We specialize in helping adults who are high functioning and appear confident, but often struggle with anxiety, self doubt, and self criticism. We also help couples disrupt negative cycles of disconnection and poor communication, and cultivate deeper connection and intimacy in their relationship. Open Space Counselling is well known in the reproductive mental health and birthing communities for our expertise in treating prenatal and postpartum depression and anxiety. The therapists on our team frequently remark on how rewarding it is to serve such an incredible clientele. We love our clients, and love our work!

At Open Space Counselling, we value counsellor well-being. We  support the therapists on our team to strike a sustainable and satisfying work-life balance. Every counsellor on our team sets their own schedule within the demands of the clinic. We promote both autonomy and connection, and have a team culture that is caring, open minded, and fun (we laugh a lot!). 

Open Space Counselling is always looking for a part-time RCC, CCC or RSW to join our Vancouver-based counselling practice.

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