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Providing in-person Couples Therapy In Vancouver and virtually across all of BC

Build the relationship you want and live with more love in your life.

It's time to break the negative cycle & bring back the joy & laughter that used to come so easily!

It's time to break the negative cycle & bring back the joy & laughter that used to come so easily!

Build A Trusting Relationship
Understand Your Partner
Create a Beautiful Future
Lesbian couple embracing while holding baby

"We don't connect like we used to"

Are you experiencing loneliness and disconnection in your relationship? Are you stuck in an endless cycle of nagging, ignoring, and fighting? Do the good times seem fewer and farther between these days?
Lesbian couple embracing while holding baby

If you struggle with:

  • Arguing more than you used to
  • Trusting one another
  • Feeling lonely despite being together
  • Living like roommates
  • Missing the closeness you used to have
  • Expressing your needs and desires

With couples therapy, we can help identify and correct the unhealthy dynamic in your relationship so you can get along better, regain your romantic spark, and have more fun.

About Our Therapy Program

Couples Therapy

Open Space Counselling provides in person couples counselling in Vancouver, and virtual couples counselling throughout BC.

How It Works:

A thorough assessment of the attachment and communication  style of each person

A nuanced exploration of when and how the ruptures in closeness occur

Identifying blocks to sexual intimacy and romance (and how to revive them!)

A pathway to building trust and safety, so that it is more safe to be honest and vulnerable

A plan to start building in more connection and joy on a regular basis

A more insightful and compassionate perspective on one another

Less conflict and a better connection is possible. Don’t stay stuck any longer –
take the first step to start improving your relationship!

This couples therapy program is pay per session, and can be paused at any time. To give yourself the best chance of noticing change, we recommend a minimum of 10 sessions.
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Who We Are – Open Space Counselling

What makes us different?

We want to help you create a life with more meaning & connection.

Our own experiences with pain and healing help us to understand and connect with your struggles, and our training allows us to give you the practical tools you need to move forward. As therapists, we are candid, curious and deeply caring people who want to help our clients get to the root of their struggles and alleviate their emotional suffering.

We believe in you.

We believe that beneath the struggles, conflicts, and anxieties that have brought you to counselling, you have so much more living to do. We see therapy as a way to tap into a more connected, genuine and confident version of yourself.
We help you see yourself.
We take the time to understand your inner world so you can identify and explore your untapped emotions and needs. We help you clarify what success looks like for you and how we can help you get there.
We help you get results.
We use all the tools in our tool-box to help you understand your challenges, examine solutions and take the steps needed to create lasting and sustainable change in your life and relationships. .

Open Space Counselling Team

Therapists Specializing In Couples Therapy

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How Our Couples Counselling Works

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In the first few sessions, we will come to a clear understanding of your attachment style, conflict patterns, and blocks to connection so that we can come to an agreement on meaningful goals and outcomes for your relationship.

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In a safe and respectful environment, each partner is supported to express their needs, desires, and feelings in a way that can be heard and received.
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We practise new, more genuine ways of relating and communicating that disrupt old patterns and lead to greater closeness and intimacy.

Open Spaces Counselling

Frequently Asked Questions

Life changes like pregnancy, parenting and ageing can definitely impact sexual intimacy – as can old resentments and negative cycles of communication! In couples therapy, we don’t shy away from exploring these issues and building the type of emotional safety and connection that can reignite your sex life.

In short, no. When we do couples counselling, the relationship is the client. At times, we will challenge each of you when we observe behaviours or stances that are hurting the relationship. We will also highlight the strengths and good intentions that each of you bring to the relationship.

In our experience, conflict in relationships often stems from unmet needs. When we are feeling misunderstood or neglected, we can act out in ways that are hurtful. Your therapist helps you understand the longing underneath the conflict, and helps you formulate more constructive ways of communicating when you are hurt and upset.

After infidelity is revealed, couples counselling is an essential part of processing the rupture in trust. Counselling can also look at what moving forward will look like, and help the relationship to become stronger and more connected.

Not uncommon at all! We usually encourage the more motivated partner to present this as a positive step for the relationship, rather than an ultimatum or sign of hopelessness. We provide free 20-minute consultations so that you and your partner can have an obligation-free opportunity to ask any questions you might have about the process, and determine if we are a good fit for you.

Our evidence-based, tried and true approach to couples therapy can help you:

  • Understand your partner's needs and wants
  • Learn to trust each other again
  • Gain the tools you need to resolve conflicts in a healthy way
  • Develop habits that build a strong bond between you

Open Space Counselling

What To Expect From
Couples Therapy

  • After one session you will already have an increased understanding of you and your partner's needs, and pinpoint how the relationship gets stuck.
  • After four sessions, you will have the tools to be communicating more effectively and lovingly.
  • By twelve sessions you will have the skills to identify and work through conflict and ruptures – and create powerful moments of connection and intimacy.

Gain a deeper understanding of yourself, as well as
your partner with couples therapy.

Open Space Counselling

How To Get Started

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A good connection with a counsellor is the biggest predictor of therapy success. Match with the right counsellor for you.

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If you'd like to connect with a therapist to see if they are a good fit, schedule a free consultation. You can submit a request via our contact form t form or book directly with a counsellor below.

Note: Due to capacity issues, not all of our counsellors are able to offer free consultations.

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Rebuild trust and develop a deeper connection,

Open Space Counselling

Grow together.