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Interrupting the Overthing Thinking Cycle

Interrupting the Overthinking Cycle

Is your overthinking keeping you stuck? Try these five strategies to reduce overthinking and start living your life with more confidence. Lindsay left a work meeting

Road sign that says Expect Delays


It’s apropos that my first blog post is about avoidance. I’ve just spent the last four hours working away at this website (in the home

Man nagging his wife on the couch at home

Another Way To Look At Nagging

Nagging: repetitive inquiring/asking/reminding, with a tone of escalating irritability. Why, oh why, do we nag?!  It annoys the nag-ee. It actually even annoys the nagger! Plus, nagging doesn’t

Young parent outside holding baby in superman outfit up in the air

Telling The Truth About Parenting

Early on in my own transition to parenthood, drunk on an odd emotional cocktail of gratitude, fear, guilt, inadequacy, rage, joy, and LOVE (oh, the love!), I

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