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Providing In-Person Anxiety Counselling In Vancouver AND VIRTUALLY ACROSS ALL OF BC

Is Your Inner Critic Holding You Back?

Manage social anxiety, generalised anxiety & imposter syndrome.
Start living with more ease today!

Manage social anxiety, generalised anxiety & imposter syndrome.Start living with more ease today!

Put Anxiety In Its Place
Break Through The Burnout
Revise Your Story
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Is Uncertainty Your Kryptonite?

  • How is anxiety standing in your way of living your life?
  • Do you overthink to the point where your worries seem like absolute realities?
  • What conversations are you avoiding out of fear you would embarrass yourself and sound stupid?
  • Who are you not getting closer to because anxiety is telling you old stories about rejection & judgement?
  • How much longer do you want to live like this?


About Our Therapy Program

Anxiety Counselling To Crush
Your Inner Critic

Anxiety Counselling To Crush Your Inner Critic

Give yourself the love and permission to be imperfect. A 10- session approach to help you identify the beliefs and patterns keeping you from fully trusting yourself.

How It Works:

We help you find the right therapist who is skilled and experienced in the struggles that you're facing

We help you identify the beliefs and patterns that have been conditioned into you and make it normal for you to self-dismiss

We break through these patterns so a new normal can exist while you learn to trust yourself again

We help you find the clear, confident, and connected person beneath the fear and self-doubt

We work with you to develop healthy coping mechanisms and belief patterns

We support you as you work through difficult emotions, conversations, and situations

What's Included:

15 Minute Consultation

10 Therapy Sessions, 50 Minutes Each

Comprehensive Intake

Action Items Tailored For You To Implement Between Sessions

Goal Setting & Clarification

Skills & Tools To Shift Your Habits

Start to engage in your life and relationships with more ease and connection.

This anxiety counselling program is pay per session, and can be paused at any time. To give yourself the best chance of noticing change, we recommend a minimum of 10 sessions.
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Who We Are – Open Space Counselling

What makes us different?

We want to help you create a life with more meaning & connection.

Our own experiences with pain and healing help us to understand and connect with your struggles, and our training allows us to give you the practical tools you need to move forward. As therapists, we are candid, curious and deeply caring people who want to help our clients get to the root of their struggles and alleviate their emotional suffering.

We believe in you.

We believe that beneath the struggles, conflicts, and anxieties that have brought you to counselling, you have so much more living to do. We see therapy as a way to tap into a more connected, genuine and confident version of yourself.
We help you see yourself.
We take the time to understand your inner world so you can identify and explore your untapped emotions and needs. We help you clarify what success looks like for you and how we can help you get there.
We help you get results.
We use all the tools in our tool-box to help you understand your challenges, examine solutions and take the steps needed to create lasting and sustainable change in your life and relationships. .

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Therapists Specializing In Anxiety Counselling

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How Our Counselling Works

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We help you clarify the internal conflict that is getting in the way of what you want, so we can help alleviate your suffering in a way that lasts.

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We help you better understand yourself and your needs. We help you recognize the patterns that are keeping you stuck, and provide you with the tools you need to move forward.

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We provide tangible skills and tailor our interventions to your specific needs and work with you to create lasting change.

Open Space Counselling

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Research shows that evidence-based therapy is a very effective way to treat anxiety and help people reduce worrying, panic, and overwhelm. The first-line treatment for anxiety is psychotherapy before medication.

Many people experience significant improvement and anxiety reduction within 8-10 anxiety counselling sessions, and noticeable improvement after 4-5 sessions.. However, the results you get are largely dependent on doing therapy homework in between sessions.

Some people with anxiety benefit from medication in addition to therapy. We do not prescribe medication, but we support many people who take medication to relieve their anxiety. We always recommend people talk to their doctor about their anxiety symptoms.

Our counsellors are trained and experienced in a number of therapeutic modalities that have been well proven to reduce anxiety symptoms such as irrational thoughts, tension and agitation in the body, and intense preoccupation with perceived negative events. We use methods such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Internal Family Systems, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, and Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP).

That’s a complex question that we are likely to unpack in counselling! Anxiety can be the result of a highly sensitive nervous system, trauma, or upbringing. We find that there is usually a combination of factors that contribute to your anxiety, and a big part of therapy is helping understand your anxious parts better so that you aren’t bullied around by them.

Open Space Counselling

What you can expect from anxiety counselling

What you can expect from
anxiety counselling

Greater Confidence

Clear Boundaries

Increased Connection With Others

Tools To Counter Overwhelm

Clarity In Your Goals

Ability To Trust Yourself

Feel more balance and connected with anxiety counselling.

Open Space Counselling

How To Get Started

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A good connection with a counsellor is the biggest predictor of therapy success. Match with the right counsellor for you.

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Note: Due to capacity issues, not all of our counsellors are able to offer free consultations.

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It's time for anxiety to stop holding you back from the things you love –

It's time for anxiety to stop holding
you back from the things you love –

Open Space Counselling

Start living with greater confidence.