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Providing effective, results-driven & sustainable therapy for individuals & couples in Vancouver, North Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby & all of BC.

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Elana Sures, Founder and Clinical Director, Open Space Counselling in Vancouver, Canada

Elana Sures, M.Ed., RCC

Owner & Clinical Director

I’m Elana Sures,

A recovering self critic turned self actualization expert.

Most people are experts when it comes to identifying the external problems that are making them miserable: the disengaged partner, the narcissistic boss, the defiant kid, and the corrupt government. It’s easy for all of us to externalize the source of our grief or pain.

But no therapist can change the problematic people in your life (that’s between them and their therapist!). However, we can help you identify how you feel, and what you want or need, and start exploring what meaningful action you can take to feel more in control of your life.

We can help you take the steps to build your own self-awareness, recognize the patterns and behaviours that keep you stuck and create the change you need to live the life you want.

we hold space for you. 

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Open Space Counselling

We Value


We take our work with you seriously and tailor our therapy with thoughtfulness and intention.


We help you identify your core needs, feelings and values so that you can live better.


We wholeheartedly stand with you through painful emotions and life events.


We help you work towards genuine closeness and security in your relationships.


We pay attention to the nuances of what you say and the feelings behind your words. We help you pay closer attention to your internal experience and how it's affecting your life.


We encourage the understanding of yourself and others with openness and acceptance, rather than judgment.

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