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Open Space Counselling is about cultivating space inside – the space that expands when we release patterns and reactions that disconnect us from ourselves and others. We offer an open space to our clients – an inclusive space that is accepting and curious.

We pride ourselves on being both warm and pragmatic. We are deeply human therapists who are genuine, candid, and deeply caring (and sometimes funny). Our extensive training and education is made more meaningful by the fact that we have lived through (and worked through) our own pain and suffering. We are quality-driven and productive – we want to help our clients get to the root of their struggles, and alleviate suffering in a way that is sustainable.

We stand against toxic positivity – we know that pain is part of life and the struggle is real. That said, when people learn to attune to their feelings, identify defeating thought patterns, and develop constructive, meaningful actions, the result tends to be increased contentment and well being. We want to help you create a life that is more grounded, authentic, and connected.

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